Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The moment when the foster child understands that she will be adopted has left millions in tears

The girl had been a foster child for over 3 years when she was told she would be adopted on her birthday.

Having a safe and loving family is something that every child deserves, but unfortunately it's far from reality for some children.

Paige and Daniel Zezulka have been the foster parents to three children during the past three years, who wanted nothing more than to get their own family.

The three children are siblings. Ivey, the oldest girl, has longed for the day when they would finally be adopted. It has been a long and tedious process, but now, after three years, they have finally been told that the process would be finalised. 

The good news arrived on Ivey's birthday - and what would be a better day to receive these joyous news?

The family decided to leave the best surprise for last and handed her a box. In the box, Ivey would find the best present she could ever imagine. As soon as she opens the box, Ivey understands what is happening, and she can't hold back the tears.

If you are not touched by this beautiful moment, then you must have a heart of stone!

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