Thursday, 6 September 2018

Son asks dad not to wave at him on the school bus - regrets it for the next 3 years

Like most teenagers, Rain was easily embarassed by his parents, such as when his dad, Dale, would wave at him in front of the school bus. But little did he know how much worse it was about to get...

It all started at the beginning of Rain's sophmore year when his dad decided to wave him off at the bus stop. As a 16 years old, he was very embarassed by this and asked his mom to please tell his dad not to wave at him when he was on the school bus. However, when Dale overheard this, he decided to have some fun.  

The next day, the father of three had planned a special surprise for his son. And to say Rain was mortified when he saw his dad is an understatement. 

Dale decided he would not only wave his son off to school, but he would dress up in a costume for it - every day for the next 170 days and then once a week for the next 2 years. 3 full years of creativity and costumes. We can only imagine how much fun this was for Dale.

What does his son have to say about this?

"When he did it the first day I was in shock. You don’t want to see your dad dressing up in a wedding dress, waving at you on the bus," Rain told Metro.

Dale quickly became an online sensation, better known as "Wave at the bus" dad. So he decided to start his own blog to share his antics. 

Some of his best costumes include a mermaid, wonder woman, a leprechaun... and our personal favourite, a man reading the newspaper on a toilet. 

You may be thinking "wow that must take a lot of time and money" but Dale states on his blog that they have spent no more than 50$.

"We have spent less than fifty US dollars on costumes and props for this blog. Most of these costumes were borrowed from neighbors and friends (you’d be surprised what your neighbors have in their closets!), or found in our own costume boxes from years past," he writes

Although this may have made Rain embarassed at the beginning, we can imagine he had a few good laughs in the end. 

Below you can watch a compilation of all of Dale's costumes during the first year.

And if he put a smile on your face, be sure to share it with your friends and family! 

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