Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Nervous father of six captivated the jury with a Bee Gees tune - and got the Golden Buzzer

The father of six was very nervous when he stepped onto the stage of America's Got Talent. As soon as he began to perform a mythical Bee Gees song, he won both the audience and the judges.

Anyone who has ever seen America's Got Talent knows that Simon Cowell is the most difficult judge to impress. There are very few occasions in which we have seen this famous member of the jury become emotional and won over by a candidate.

Michael Ketterer is the father of six children. He explained to the jury that he had adopted several of his children from foster homes. He also told them about his work as a pediatric mental health nurse.

As he came up on stage, he looked very nervous and a little shy. He wanted to participate in this talent show to inspire his family and children. He thought that if he could show them that their father could follow his dreams, then they were also capable of achieving their goals and that nothing is impossible.

Bee Gees song

Michael chose to sing the Bee Gees' song "To Love Somebody" and we are instantly left speechless when he begins to peform it. Halfway through the song, the audience stands up and starts clapping. Even the jury looks very excited. 

His performance left everyone in awe. Judge Simon Cowell told him he was very impressed and then went straight to slam the Golden Buzzer, which means Simon will take care of Michael.

This father of 6 is a true source of inspiration, especially for his children from foster families!

What did you think about Michael's version of the Bee Gees song? Watch the video below and share it!

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