Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Father asks autistic son to order food - gets shocked when he sees what the staff does for him

Dad, Pat, asked his son, Owen, to go into the restaurant and order food while he waited in the car. After a while the father became worried and rushed into the restaurant to see what was taking him so long, and that's when he got a big surprise.

Owen has autism and therefore needs clear guidelines, he definitely doesn't like surprises or when things do not go according to plan.

Therefore, his father gave him clear directions to go into the restaurant and order food while he sat and waited in the car.

But after a short while, the dad began to suspect that something wasn't right, as Owen never came back. So he rushed into the restaurant, and that's when he saw what the staff had done for his son.

Once inside the restaurant, the good smell made Owen curious, and he couldn't resist. That's why Owen never reached the checkout, he just stood there and enjoyed the good smell of the food.

In the end, hostess Aye Thein walked up to Owen and asked if there was anything she could help with, he replied that he was hungry.

That's when his father began to wonder what was going on, and decided to run into the restaurant to see what was taking him so long. 

To his father's surprise, the manager had invited Owen to take a seat and eat some food. 

"She told her cooks, "hurry, this boy is very hungry," and made him a beef curry with rice. She said that he was so sweet she was planning on letting him eat for free," Sandra, Owen's mother, wrote on Facebook.

Aye Thein had no idea that her son had autism, but had given him the food simply out of kindness.

Owen's mom was incredibly touched by the beautiful gesture and had to share the story on Facebook.

"This is just so incredibly unusual. I mean how often does this happen?" his mother wrote on her Facebook post, which has now been shared several thousand times worldwide.

In the video below you can see more of this incredibly sweet gesture.

This is true solidarity, and something that we all can learn from!

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