What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored locally on your computer, phone or tablet (whatever device you are using to visit our website). A cookie can contain a wide range of types of information - even personal data such as your IP-number.

We at Noted Media does not store any cookies about you as a user.

Visitor statistics

In our work to improve our websites and their content we need data. We use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for this and their cookies contains information about you as a user that makes it possible for them to analyze your behaviour. The information is not accessible for us and is instead presented to us in a compressed format in wich we can analyze our visitors in generic groups. We are thus unable to differentiate certain users and even less retrieve information about them.


Our websites are financed through advertisements. The corporations that advertise on our websites can make use of cookies in order to better serve more relevant ads for you as a user. We at Noted Media have no access to this information.

Social networks

We often display material from different social networks (Facebook, Youtube and others like that). They make use of cookies to analyze your behaviour on their websites (including embedded material on our websites). If you have an account on their website then they can use this information to see that you have visited our website. We at Noted Media have no access to this information.

Disable cookies

You can easily turn off and disable cookies through your browser client. Go to Settings and navigate to Privacy (can be called different things on different browsers).