Monday, 27 August 2018

The bus driver struggles to keep the boy alive – hidden camera captures the terrifying images

The bus driver struggles to keep the boy alive – the horrific scene was captured on camera and it’s not surprise it spread like wildfire.

Most of us have had a First Aid course, either at our school, at our workplace or perhaps at a sports club. Fortunately, few of us actually end up in a situation when we need to use this knowledge.

Whether we expect to use this knowledge, or not, it’s very important to know how to act when an emergency arises.

A bus driver in Oklahoma learned just how important it is to remember these manoeuvres when one day she had to save a little boy sitting on her bus.

Ginger Maxville is a special needs teacher but also a bus driver who was finishing off her usual bus route, according to ABC News. But on this day, things took an unexpected turn.

She noticed that one of the boys on the bus stood up and started to make noises, at first she thought that he was just unhappy and didn’t want to sit still on the bus.

Youtube / Inside Edition

But shortly after, she heard the boy’s sister shouting that she thought he had swallowed a coin, and it was at that point that Ginger understood the gravity of the situation.

She quickly parked the bus on the side of the road and made sure it was out of harm’s way, and then hurried to the little boy who was chocking and threw herself on him. In the video, we can clearly see he’s not getting any air.

Luckily, she knew exactly what she had to do and immediately began performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on the little boy. Not long after, she manages to dislodge the coin and hears it falling onto the bus floor.

Youtube / Inside Edition

The surveillance cameras caught the whole ordeal and in the clip we hear Ginger talking to the boy.

– Don’t do that again. You scared me to death, you hear me? Oh, I thank the Lord that you’re okay, Ginger can be heard saying in the surveillance video.

Below, you can watch the surveillance video that made Ginger an online sensation.

Now she is being hailed as a hero, and we are very grateful that she listened carefully during her First Aid training! It proves just how important it can be for us to be prepared to step in when we least expect it.

Have you been in a situation where you have been forced to use First Aid training? If so, please share your story in the comments so we can spread awareness that this may happen more often than we think!

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