Man finds $ 500 in ATM and returns it to 92-year-old woman – then a snowball effect occurs

Man finds $ 500 in ATM and returns it to 92-year-old woman – then a snowball effect occurs

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

In November 2015 Bobby Puryear found $ 500 in a cash machine, he wrote on Facebook. Someone had left the money by accident. He decided to enter the bank and give the money back. After all, someone could really need it.


The bank clerk told him she could not take the money and called the manager. The manager asked him what he could do for him, after which Bobby suggested if he could see who had just pinned before him.

The next day he received a call from the bank manager. With someone else on the line! The money turned out to be from the 92-year-old Edith. She said that she had planned the $ 500 to pay her rent ($ 480), but that she wanted to give him the remaining $ 20 as a reward. Bobby immediately said that there could be no question about it. That was money she needed for the rest of the month.

Bobby Puryear / Facebook

After they hung up, Bobby started to think about Edith and her difficult situation. He decided to call back the bank manager and asked him to transfer $ 200 from his account to the older woman’s account. A colleague of his listened to the conversation and spontaneously gave $ 100.

An hour later Bobby was called by the manager who told him that he had told his employees about his good action. The bank clerks had collected $ 300 for Edith!

It is hard to imagine how the poor woman must have felt. On the one day, she lost the money for the rent. A day later she not only had the money back but also another $ 600 extra!

We concur with the last words of Bobby in his Facebook post, which was a happy (early) Christmas for Edith! Tribute to the great action of everyone who made a contribution.

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