Monday, 18 December 2017

Sleep expert reveals: Why you twitch just when you’re about to fall asleep

We’ve all been there when you try to fall asleep and all of a sudden you twitch, wake up and have to start over again.

Sometimes even after you have already fallen asleep, especially when the dream is about jumps off a cliff and falls. Do you recognize yourself?

How many times have we not asked ourselves why? Probably countless times!

Why do we twitch and move our body when we are falling asleep?

Now we have finally answered:

Experts have disclosed the reason why the human body twitches during sleep, reports Daily Mail.

“As we sleep, we pass different steps”, says Professor Gaby Badre, a sleep expert at The London Clinic, for Daily Mail .


When the superficial sleep changes to a deep sleep, usually after 45 to 60 minutes and you enter REM sleep, your muscles become paralyzed.

However, disruption of this cycle, for example, if you are tired, stressed or have irregular sleep patterns – makes you go into REM sleep faster than usual, and often before your body is ready.

This will, in turn, lead to the shrugs when you experience the vivid images and dreams in reaction to them because your muscles are completely relaxed.

These sudden contractions called myoclonus hypnisk (hypnic myoclonia).

– Many people are worried about this, but it’s completely normal, says Professor Badre to the Daily Mail.

– It is best to try to keep a regular sleep schedule, she continues.

How often does this happen to you when you sleep? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section, or tagging someone who should read this! 

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