A farmer writes a message with a tractor in the snow with unbelievable precision

A farmer writes a message with a tractor in the snow with unbelievable precision

Monday, 18 December 2017

To wish Happy Holidays at the end of a  year, several methods exist, such as sending a musical Christmas card or even sing in town. But the family business of farming Prunty Farms found a more original method.

They sent one of the farmers on a tractor to leave a trace in the freshly fallen snow to write their message. So he had one chance to succeed in his mission.

One wrong turn with the tractor and there was no way to start over. But all the farmers had complete confidence in him.

It was not an easy task for Dan because he didn’t have an aerial view in order to see what he was doing. One might think that it was fun to drive around and remove snow, but it was not just for fun.

Each shift was planned with precision. They put a lot of effort so that the end result is great, and their message is conveyed perfectly.

The rendering is just perfect. Their hard work was rewarded in style! Many netizens praised their performance.

Here’s the video of the work and the final result below. Warning the eyes! Feel free to share the article with your friends so they can enjoy the show.

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