This mother has been pregnant 10 times – now she shows her body with an important message

This mother has been pregnant 10 times – now she shows her body with an important message

Sunday, 17 December 2017

The female body is a fantastic phenomenon, that is no secret. It is really admirable what the female body can handle. Emily Frigo from Ohio, USA, is a living proof of this, proudly showing her body on the tenth birthday of her first son’s birth, according to Popsugar.

On November 22 this year it was ten years ago that Emily gave birth to her first son, but the boy did not survive the pregnancy. Since then she has been nine times pregnant. Only four survived, but today she has four great children of seven, three, two and one years of age.

On this special day, she chose to post a photo on Instagram, with an important message for all mothers.

“I stood in front of a mirror and looked at my body and I felt so grateful for everything”, explains Emily, who agrees that others share her message.

Another reason she shared the picture was that she wanted to normalize the female body. This is what she wrote with the photo:

“In my womb, 10 children have grown”, she wrote.

“Today only four of them live, but how magical is that?”, 
she continues.

She adds:

“I have never loved myself more, I have never felt more feminine. Stretch mark stomach. Deflated breasts. Thighs that touch. ..” 

And she ends:

“Society does not define me. My inner self-does.”

We think her message is great and hope that more mothers are inspired by this. Share this article if you also think that the female body should be honored! Click here to see this mother’s photo on her Instagram account. 

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