It has been proven that spending time with your mom increases her life expectancy

It has been proven that spending time with your mom increases her life expectancy

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Do you love your mother? Yes ? Do you know that you have a very simple way to extend her life expectancy? Seeing her regularly so that she never feels lonely!

This is reported by a study published in 2012 among 1600 adults aged 71 years on average. Being alone increases the risk of developing depression, memory problems or cardiovascular disease. But what to do about it?


The researchers found that 23% of respondents who reported feeling lonely died about six years after the study compared to only 14% of those who said they had company regularly. Results published in the ‘JAMA Internal Medicine didn’t change even by comparing other factors such as socioeconomic data.

In another study conducted in 2010 and published in the PLoS Medicine Journal , the Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Associate Professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University, Utah, says, “Our social relationships are not only important for our quality of life, but also for our longevity.” She adds that while the need for food and protection is vital, so are the need for social relationships.


The study has also shown that loneliness and social isolation are bad for our health in general. For some people, being alone may even be more dangerous than smoking or being overweight reports Forbes . It is therefore very important to spend time with your loved ones, and especially to laugh, because laughter is a very effective natural way to improve one’s mood.

Spending time with your parents is also a good thing for you and will bring you a lot of benefits! No one is eternal, so it’s better to enjoy the time we have with our loved ones before it’s too late.

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