Woman honors her deceased fiancée by taking wedding photos on their unrealized wedding date

Woman honors her deceased fiancée by taking wedding photos on their unrealized wedding date

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

It is the intention that your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in your life. From your engagement you look forward to the big day. Unfortunately for Nikki Salgot it was completely different than she expected, the dream turned into a nightmare.

Nikki and her fiancé, policeman Collin Rose, had already pricked the date, October 14, 2017. Unfortunately, a tragedy took place. Collin was shot last November on duty and died from his wounds.

She decided to honor the love of her life by taking photos in her wedding dress on the wedding date. As Nikki says about the photos in her Facebook post:

– … images that show that I can still laugh, smile and be myself; images that show that this loss does not have or will destroy me; and my favorite, images that show that I am as strong as ever and refuse to give in …?

Nikki asked an old classmate Rachel, whom she had not spoken for 10 years, if she wanted to take the photos. Rachel was about to get married herself in a week, but wanted to help her immediately nevertheless.

It must have been extremely difficult for Nikki to take the photos without Collin. The images show both her vulnerability and bravery.

We wish Nikki to stay strong! It is impressive how brave and strong she is. Do not forget to share this message if you find it inspiring.   

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