Genetics can be amazing, take a look at these 14 pictures of children who look like their relatives

Genetics can be amazing, take a look at these 14 pictures of children who look like their relatives

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Have you ever seen pictures of your grandparents or parents and thought that reminded you of someone? Maybe you? It is impressive to see children who look like their parents’ twins, or even their grandparents’.

Below you can see 14 pictures of children shared on the HuffPost who seem to be real doubles of their parents or grandparents. Moreover, their pose and the look are the same in the photos!

1. Mother and daughter at 2 years of age. Looks like the pictures were taken the same day.

2. Father and son. Both like to eat well!

3. Father and son on Santa’s lap

4. Grandma and little girl. They have the same look.

5. Same eyes, same smile!

6. Father and son go wide at 6 and 4 months

7. Grandpa and son, 59 years apart …

8. Father and daughter. They have the same pose.

9. Father and son. This is not the same person with and without a uniform!

10. Father and daughter. Their noses are identical.

11. Father and daughter, they look like identical twins.

12. Father and son. We cannot differentiate them!

13. Three generations but such similarity!

14. Grandmother, mother and daughter. Three generations but it could be the same person in three photos!

What a marvel to see such impressive similarities between members of the same family. And you, is your appearance similar to someone in your family?

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