12 smart owners who saved their Christmas trees from pesky cats and dogs

12 smart owners who saved their Christmas trees from pesky cats and dogs

Monday, 4 December 2017

All cat and dog owners are well aware that the Christmas tree might be raided every time when the pet is on the go. It is not uncommon that the branches of the spruce or the Christmas tree are destroyed – or that the whole decoration goes falls on the floor.

But do not fear – Bored Panda has listed twelve smart people who have come up with a creative and hysterically but peaceful solution to the problem!

1. “This is the best way I could set up a Christmas tree if I decide to keep a fox as a pet.”

Imgur / Lokitheredfox

2. “Our dog does not stop eating the ornaments, but she is afraid of vacuum cleaners. So, here’s our solution!”

Reddit / Graysonbc

3. “I played it safe by cutting off all branches except the top ones. 1-0 to me!”

Reddit / Jennthemermaid

4. “Every time he tries to climb onto the tree, we put on him this Santa Clause dog suit as a punishment.”

Reddit / Hotroddeluxe86

5. “The perfect decoration for a household with a cat”

Bored Panda

6. “#Catproof”

Instagram / Nettegbg

7. “How to protect his spruce from the cat? Use a cage. For the Christmas tree that is.”

Youtube / Cole and Marmalade

8. “This is how to protect your Christmas tree like a pro.”

Bored Panda

9. “She has tried to climb but discovered that it does not work because it’s just a wall decoration.”

Bored Panda

10. “No, it’s not half-done. It’s ready. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Bored Panda

11. “One of our family members cannot be trusted when it comes to the Christmas tree.”


12. “Not such a nice Christmas tree, but it works. The problem I have now is that the cat refuses to stop jumping because she gets angry when she does not reach them …”

Instagram / Kniki

All solutions should be taken with a pinch of salt, but we are impressed by how innovative cat and dog owners can be.

Do you have an equally innovative solution in mind? Then share it in the comment field!

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