Suddenly, the principle jumps into the advanced dance mode – see how she shocks her students

Suddenly, the principle jumps into the advanced dance mode – see how she shocks her students

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Is anyone crazy enough to risk being laughed at even if they are working at a school!

Becky Godwin, a student at a high school in Florida, captured an amazing moment on camera which is now spreading like wildfire on the internet.

The moment Becky managed to capture is the one when the school’s principle Mickey Reynolds suddenly joins a cheerleading performance at a school league, and she also does it with great energy.

Mickey tells News 6 that she was prepared for the students to laugh and cheer for her performance.

– When you are a principal and do something like that, you know that they will laugh at you, and I’m okay with that, “she says.

After the event, Mickey received a lot of praise from the students but it did not remain there. After the video went viral on the internet, comments from around the world have been pouring in and people have praised Mickey for their brave performance.

– I did not think it would be such a big deal when we thought about implementing the routine and that’s the best thing about it, says coach Kelly Lupis for News 6 and continues:

– Despite there has been so much negativity around us, people have seen this and all the comments have been so positive and inspiring.

Since the coach and the school’s principal have uploaded the video, more people challenged each other during similar events.

Hopefully, this inspiring teacher and all the school staff can engage even more with their students in the future. See the video below and share if you also think it was a great initiative!

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