16 months after her husband committed suicide, the widow could see his face again – but on another man

16 months after her husband committed suicide, the widow could see his face again – but on another man

Monday, 13 November 2017

Last year, Lilly Ross and her husband Calen Ross expect their first child. But when Lilly was in her eighth month, her life made a terrible turn when Calen took his own life. Now, 16 months later, Lilly has a chance to touch his face again – but this time on another man’s head.

The Telegraph states that her husband was a registered organ donor so that his heart, lungs, liver and kidneys could be donated. But after the doctors had examined his face, it became clear that he was also a match with a man who was waiting for a face transplant.

In 2006, depressed Andy Sandness had picked up a gun and shot himself. But against all expectations, Andy survived the suicide attempt, but the bullet destroyed large parts of his face. For ten years he went through life without a nose and a chin and hated being around people, but thanks to Calen, he could have his life back.

– Now I spread my wings and do the things I’ve missed so long, like going to a restaurant or going dancing, Andy says.

Last month, Lilly and her one-year-old son got the chance to meet the man who got her husband’s face, and the encounter was obviously very emotional for both. Lilly was initially afraid that Andy’s face would create painful memories, but when she saw and touched him, she was relieved that Andy did not look like Calen at all.

– Andy’s meeting finally helped me move on, so says the crying woman Lilly for The Telegraph.

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