Bride’s father was killed serving his country – she burst into tears when she saw who came through the door

Bride’s father was killed serving his country – she burst into tears when she saw who came through the door

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Although weddings should be the happiest days of our lives, some married couples often see it as just making an agreement between two families. However, this was not the case for Mikayla, who was to marry her husband Dakota on October 14, says Goodfullness.

Everything was perfect, everything was ready for the party, however only one person was missing, the father of Mikayla, a probation officer, former US Navy Seal, killed in the line of duty ten years earlier.

Her father David had tried to question a young man who he fled the army for unknown reasons. He pursued him to the Ohio River where he jumped into the water. David tried to rescue him, but he never got to the surface and was found dead the next day.

In order to pay respect to her father on the day of the wedding, Mikayla wore a medallion with the inscription “Walk with me today, dad”. What she did not know was that there was a special surprise waiting for her as you can see in the wedding video.

When the time came for the traditional father-daughter dance, an unbroken line of officers started to approach Mikayla. They had prepared this surprise in order to complete her wedding experience.

It is safe to say that Mikayla appreciated their efforts very much. She burst into tears as soon as she realized what they had prepared. Thanks to the effort of these officers, Mikayla’s marriage will remain forever etched in her memory, and the tribute to her father was totally successful.

This moving gesture of David’s former colleagues also deeply touched the groom, allowing him to understand the impact that his father-in-law may have had on the lives of others.

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