Sunday, 12 November 2017

A grandmother’s tip for drying wet laundry in an economical and environmentally friendly way!

When you move into a new apartment, or just when you do not have enough room, one of the appliances you will not consider buying is the dryer, and for good reason.

But then how to effectively dry the laundry once it has been washed? Especially if you do not live in the countryside, have a beautiful and large terrace, or when you no longer want to experience the horror of laundromats!


The trick that we are going to see today works for any type of laundry, does not require anything extraordinary and in addition, it is a totally ecological and economical tip! What delight small budgets while protecting our environment!

So here’s a method from our grandmothers which will help you to effectively dry your wet clothes: put it in a bag and then put the bag in the freezer! This method is called “lyophilization” and when you take out the clothes from the freezer, you immediately notice that the laundry is dry. And as soon as winter is here, you can do the same thing by hanging your clothes outside.


This old trick is also very ecological. It works because the cold air is very dry and has low humidity. So when you freeze wet clothes, the water in the clothes goes directly from the state of ice to the state of gas without going through the liquid phase.

Once your clothes are dry, iron a little bit and they will be fresh and ready to be worn. This is an economical tip, ecological and very easy to use!

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